Moving to a new city can be an exciting adventure, and if you’re considering relocating from the Greater Toronto Area to Windsor, Ontario, you’re in for a treat. Windsor is a vibrant city on the southern edge of Ontario, located just across the Detroit River from the United States. With its rich history, diverse cultural scene, and strong economy, Windsor is an attractive destination for people of all ages and backgrounds. In this blog post, we’ll explore ten advantages of moving from GTA to Windsor. 

Lower Cost of Living 

  1. The lower cost of living, which stands out as one of the biggest advantages of moving from the GTA to Windsor, is one key point to consider. As can be seen, housing, food, and entertainment costs are generally lower in Windsor than in GTA. As a matter of fact, according to Number, the cost of living in Windsor is about 30% lower than in Toronto.

Accessible Location 

  1. Windsor, situated conveniently near the US border and major highways, offers seamless travel connections to other parts of Ontario and the United States. Moreover, transitioning from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to Windsor is facilitated by excellent transportation links. The Windsor International Airport caters to the city’s needs, and the Detroit Metropolitan Airport is merely a short drive away.

Beautiful Waterfront when moving from GTA to Windsor

  1. Windsor sits on the Detroit River’s banks, giving its residents access to a beautiful waterfront. The Riverfront Trail is a popular destination for walking, jogging, cycling, and taking in the stunning views. 

Diverse Cultural Scene 

  1. As a matter of fact, throughout the year, Windsor celebrates different cultures with festivals and events. Another key point to consider is its rich diverse cultural scene. Because of this, the city boasts a strong arts community. Not only do galleries and museums showcase local talent, but also theatres actively promote the arts.

Strong Economy 

  1. Windsor has a strong and diverse economy, with employment opportunities in a range of industries, including automotive, healthcare, and tourism. Thus, Another key point, as has been noted, the city is home to major employers such as Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Windsor Regional Hospital.

Excellent Education 

  1. Windsor is home to several post-secondary institutions, including the University of Windsor and St. Clair College. These institutions offer a range of programs and opportunities for students, making Windsor an excellent destination for education. 

Great Sports Scene 

  1. Moving from GTA to Windsor, sports enthusiasts will find a paradise awaiting them. Windsor boasts a plethora of professional and amateur sports teams and top-notch facilities. Additionally, the city hosts renowned teams like the Windsor Spitfires hockey team and the Windsor Express basketball team, among others.

Natural Beauty 

  1. Natural beauty, including nearby parks and conservation areas, surrounds Windsor.. Point Pelee National Park, just a short drive from Windsor, therefore is a popular destination for birdwatching and nature lovers. 

Friendly Community 

  1. The community in Windsor is known for being friendly and welcoming. Additionally, with a population of just over 200,000 people, the city has a small-town feel and a strong sense of community.

Delicious Food Scene 

  1. Windsor is home to a diverse range of restaurants and culinary experiences, from traditional Canadian fare to international cuisine. Certainly, Therefore as I have noted, Lebanese and Italian food is especially excellent in the city.

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