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Welcome to Long Distance Movers – where every mile matters. Our story began with a singular vision: to revolutionize the moving experience. Since our inception, we’ve proudly provided thousands with seamless, hassle-free relocations across long distances. Today, we’re thrilled to extend our boundaries even further as we embark on a new journey in Canada, starting with the dynamic province of Ontario.

A Legacy of Trust and Excellence

Our roots in the UK have instilled in us a deep understanding of the complexities of moving. From navigating through congested streets to managing unpredictable weather conditions, our experience has equipped us to overcome any challenge. Each move has taught us something new, and with every job, we’ve reinforced our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and impeccable service.

Incorporated in Canada, for Canada

In recognizing the uniqueness of the Canadian landscape and the intricacies of its regulations, we took the initiative to be separately incorporated in Canada. This not only ensures our full compliance with local laws but also reflects our dedication to providing a tailored, top-notch moving experience for our Canadian clientele.

Our Promise

At Long Distance Movers, we believe in transparency, commitment, and reliability. Whether you’re moving across the town or across provinces, we’re here to make the process as smooth as possible. Our team of professionals is trained to handle all your belongings with utmost care, ensuring they reach their destination in perfect condition.

Our success is built on the trust and satisfaction of our clients. It’s more than just moving boxes and furniture; it’s about moving lives, memories, and dreams. And that’s a responsibility we never take lightly.

Thank you for considering Long Distance Movers for your next big move. Together, let’s make it a journey to remember.


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(905) 291-7779